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Wings of Heroes: plane games app recently received 34 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Wings of Heroes: plane games app an average rating of 4.56 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 10.3K ratings since its release on Feb 24 by RORTOS SRL. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Wings of Heroes: plane games?

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Rated 4.53 out of 5

10.3K global ratings

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34 Positive User Reviews for Wings of Heroes: plane games


The BEST game ever

Fun game

I like it more than jacking off

Fun game

This game is a lot of fun, good for all ages!


This is the most phone active shooter game I have played


Freaking awsome game , can’t stop playing!!!


Great game! Tons of fun!!

So far so good.

Good graphics, decent gameplay. Hopefully keeps me interested for a while.


Very realistic shoot em up. Aviation style. Highly recommended!


We need clans and squads we need more planes we need more modes


The lady upgrade changed the game so it’s all about getting money out of players to upgrade their planes.

Ok but…..

Game play is good. The locations and missions seem to never rotate. Controls are sluggish but could be better. Have to pay to really play in order to unlock additional planes. No pvp or support for controllers. Fix these issues and then it would be hard to put down. So, it’s ok but could be better.

Great Game

Has a lot of detail and I love the mechanics. If your looking for a good game that is Mobil and war like this is for you

Love the action

This is a great flight game. Cloud Clipper


I’ll say for what it is it’s a great game it’s just like war thunder but on mobile version just airplanes. I feel like I’m speaking too fast and I might regret what I’m saying but for the moment the game is great and I’m having fun with it.

I love flying in this game!

This game is always evolving!

Insufficient funds

Love the game. I’m a veteran War Wings player and this is the closest game related to that one. My only complaint is some are just too expensive! I’ll keep playing but I just can’t justify spending $20 or more to get the plane that reflects my level. I’m now at level 101 and in order to get the plane I want I will have to spend $100!!!! for gold to buy the plane! Thanks for your time


Great graphics addictive

There is a problem

Don’t get me wrong this game is great, but if u rlly want this game to grow on YouTube then u need to add replays. It would help your game out a lot and more people would hear about it. Pls add replays I would love it :)

It’s a great game

It’s a great game but I got a new phone and lost everything I told them and haven’t heard anything back that’s why I gave it a 4 out of 5

Great game play

I love the gameplay and even more that adds are basically optional. Said ads have been glitching out of the game for a while now. Possibly intentional to scam out of the upgrades???

Extremely high quality

Would definitely recommend this game, has a lot of potential

Needs work

Good game when you can actually get the game to load and you can play.

I like it

Nice chill little game can’t go wrong with it


Great graphics, controls work well, the flying game I’ve been looking for (so far!)

Love the game!

It’s addictive, easy to pick up and play one battle if you have five free minutes!


Definitely a fun game

Fun fun fun

Great game and can advance without having to pay.

genuinely impressed

Games great for my ADHD folks. Genuinely impressed with how smooth it is (iphone 12) and the controls are easy. Great game for the two days that i’ve had it!

Wings of Hero’s

Super fun game very good graphics

Game is great but support is terrible

Got an new phone and lost my account. Support has been terrible in restoring it. Sent a SS of my account and the old username. They’ve just stopped responding. Enjoy the game but don’t spend money on it Should you need customer service, it won’t be there.

Flying dog fighting

This game will challenge you in skills, great graphics and keeps you on your toes.

Great time killer!

Easy flying and targets are easy to acquire however, look out for enemy fire!


Awesome fun to play

Wings of hero’s evaluation

Good stuff! Quick and easy interface and Air to Air gameplay. Very nice graphics! Jim

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