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Top 18 Apps Like AFK Journey for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like AFK Journey? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. AFK Journey alternatives are mostly adventure games but may also be role playing games.

There are 18 apps similar to AFK Journey available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. the longest drift is the best alternative. Other AFK Journey like apps are Old Man's Journey, Samorost 3 - Peculiar cosmic journey, The Room Two, and Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

AFK Journey Alternative Apps

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the longest drift - a driving journey for truth

Adventure Games | First release: Nov 21, 2020

"The Longest Drift" is a one-of-a-kind, racing-puzzle-adventure game about solving the mystery of the disappearance of two family members.

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Old Man's Journey - A game about life, loss & hope

Puzzle Games | First release: Mar 01, 2020

A soul-searching adventure about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans. Over 17 International Awards, including: - Apple Design Award (USA) - Emotional Game Award (France)

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Samorost 3 - Peculiar cosmic journey

Adventure Games | First release: Jul 20, 2022

Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure and puzzle game from the award-winning creators of Machinarium and Botanicula.

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The Room Two - A time-spanning journey

Puzzle Games | First release: Dec 24, 2019

The much anticipated sequel to ‘The Room’, Apple’s Game of the Year 2012 and recipient of a BAFTA award, is here at last.

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Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG - Rumbling Heroes! Rumbling fun‪!‬

Role Playing Games | First release: Mar 04, 2023

The sole princess of the kingdom was kidnapped by the dark knights!  Your heroes are the only hope.

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Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

Adventure Games | First release: May 25, 2021


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Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond - Giveaway 3,650 Summons‪!‬

Role Playing Games | First release: Mar 13, 2024

Entering the realm in an instant, you find yourself in a pixelated world of swords and magic. "Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond" is a classic Japanese-style RPG pixel art casual idle game.

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Role Playing Games | First release: Sep 06, 2023

Relive the most memorable moments from FFVII and experience the journey of a young hero Sephiroth.

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DEEMO II - A Musical Fantasy Adventure‪.‬

Music Games | First release: Feb 01, 2022

Just in time for Rayark's 10th anniversary comes a sequel to their classic IP, DEEMO.

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Girl Wars - An Animated Fantasy RPG

Adventure Games | First release: Sep 11, 2023

In the infinite space the other「land」 exists in the parallel world It is blessed by the gods and people live a steady life here But the Devil senses the power in the land!

Best Adventure Games Like AFK Journey

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Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure - Solve puzzles to escape prison

Adventure Games | First release: Nov 29, 2020

ESCAPE GAME – FIND CLUES, ITEMS & SOLVE PUZZLES TO ESCAPE Do you love the thrill of escaping the prison adventure games? Or maybe you like to challenge your brain with mind teasing challenges of escape room puzzles? A blend of prison escape and puzzle adventure, in Prison Escape Puzzle you need to find a way out by using your mind and logic.

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White Night - A survival horror adventure

Adventure Games | First release: Nov 22, 2020

After your car mysteriously crashes in the forest, you find shelter in an old and sinister mansion. As you explore your surroundings, strange events start to occur around you.

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Ragnarok Origin: MMORPG Online - A Fantastic Journey Awaits

Adventure Games | First release: Nov 09, 2021

The popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online comes to mobile as Ragnarok Origin! Become the hero of an epic adventure set in a fantastic open-world environment!

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Angry Farm Cow In Action

Adventure Games | First release: May 29, 2021

Angry Farm Cow Run Adventure is the best running game, the cow is angrily running around the farm. You have to save the cow from the butchers and keep your energy level boosted by eating from the farm land.

Best Role Playing Games Like AFK Journey

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Tizi Town - My Hospital Games

Role Playing Games | First release: Mar 02, 2024

Do you know the superhero that wears a white cape? Yes, you are right those are our doctors!

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Shadow Of Death: Premium Games - The Best Hack n Slash Games

Role Playing Games | First release: Jul 20, 2022

Start your journey with four heroes: Maximus, Mount, Quinn & Lunae. Choose your favorite hero and conquer the darkness.

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Battleloot Adventure

Role Playing Games | First release: May 24, 2021

"Battleloot Adventure is one that you don't want to miss." (4.5/5 stars) "It’s cheap, addictive, nice to look at, and quite a bit of fun" (Editor's Choice - 4.5/5 stars) "Battleloot Adventure will satisfy the treasure hunter RPGers itch." (5 Great) "The best turn-based combat simulator I’ve ever played, now that’s a label well deserved!" (4.5/5 stars) "Battleloot Adventure [...] hands down wins the award for my most favorite iOS RPG."

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Regency Love

Role Playing Games | First release: Dec 04, 2020

With Regency Love, you can create your own story and interact with the world around you.

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