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  • Michelle44
    19/05/23 10:50

    How the H*ll can I handel puzzle 3257 !? Help plz 🙏🏼

  • Toshie18
    30/04/23 06:05

    Why do some members get more than 21 trophies in the daily club puzzle?

  • Butterfly22
    13/05/23 06:57

    Some creatures (when upgraded) give bonus trophies for the daily puzzle

  • Dennis66
    30/01/23 12:43

    Is there a way to get the Exceptional Bundle and Generous Vault of Gold for free in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells?

  • Wilfred85
    03/01/23 02:25

    Hi I no longer get the chest games does everyone else still get them

  • Nicole43
    04/01/23 07:24


  • Miharu67
    30/11/22 12:29

    Hi, I'm on Level 122 and the puzzle seems easy enough but on my game I need 325 Gems, I searched video help and all those videos only show 120 Gens required!? Am i kissing a spell here or what this is impossible to achieve, anyone else have this problem? James

  • Akane21
    04/11/22 03:41

    I can't find my PIN. I requested my Personal Data through the Support menu. When making this request, my PIN is not displayed. Instead it is automatically entered for me. BUT I received a link to my Personal Data via my personal email. I can't access the report without my PIN. I don't know my PIN and I can't get help to find or reset it. Can somebody here help me?

  • Alberto34
    07/10/22 05:11

    I can not open the game. And the responsables do NOTHING to help.

  • Lili15
    25/09/22 08:34

    Currently there is a way to get points added to your magical creatures by getting any one of three monster boxes. What happens when you fill up a creatures level to full, either 100 or 200?

  • Nanaho92
    13/08/22 04:42

    Hogwarts Cove, join a great club, need dedicated players

  • Josephine44
    08/08/22 04:34

    Any idea why it says now

  • Charley25
    08/08/22 09:41

    J'ai le m

  • Arlene98
    06/08/22 04:13

    Am unable to access club account Abel today

  • Allison11
    06/08/22 04:08

    Unable to access club panel today

  • Ivan65
    06/08/22 07:17

    I can't access the club panel today. Does anyone know why?

  • Danny25
    06/08/22 03:26

    I have the same problem!

  • Itoe36
    30/07/22 06:15

    Why are the daily lives gone from log in?

  • Gabielle57
    25/07/22 02:15

    My language changed to Polish
    How do I get it back to English?

  • Barry100
    17/07/22 11:03

    When i open the game it is a blank screen

  • Karen98
    04/07/22 04:19

    Join Tac0cat. Active Harry Potter needs in everyday. New club.

  • Olga82
    10/06/22 07:48

    No login bonus

  • Earl99
    26/04/22 10:40

    There are so many inactive clubs. Does anyone in Zynga do any clean up?

  • Claudette61
    22/04/22 11:53

    El juego cada vez tiene m

  • Maria99
    22/03/22 02:31

    Fired from my own club is it possible?

  • Jose49
    18/03/22 01:04

    Having trouble opening the group chat and the daily puzzle isn

  • Emi12
    17/03/22 08:50

    I can't access the chat of my group. Does anyone have the same problem?

  • Jose49
    18/03/22 01:04


  • Shary49
    17/03/22 09:39


  • Nadine77
    23/02/22 06:06

    When I try to update, it says its no longer compatible with my device! I've been playing it for over a year!

  • Leslie25
    18/02/22 05:42

    Which promotes the club to higher levels? The daily puzzle or the hedge maze?

  • Bret48
    14/02/22 12:14

    Join "Slytherin Always" - we are down some members but are an active team - highest tier was Fire Diamond III before some members left the game - need new members to help get us back!!

  • Shary24
    18/01/22 01:22


  • Nanaho47
    12/01/22 10:33

    Are there any benefits to having Luna

  • Kate27
    04/01/22 12:33

    Help! My game with a load today so I thought I was supposed to delete the game and re-download it, which I did. Now, it has to be starting all over! How do I get back to my team and the level I was on?

  • Nadine77
    23/02/22 06:07

    Play puzzle 1 then select settings, bottom left corner, then sign in

  • Lee99
    03/01/22 12:28

    Join club

  • Mieko10
    09/12/21 10:45

    Relaxed club looking for daily players! Marauders Army

  • Omar10
    09/11/21 12:53


  • Walter65
    28/10/21 05:51

    J ai changer de t

  • Fabian51
    06/10/21 06:08

    Bonjour, j

  • Isabel71
    21/08/21 09:43

    Je voulais signaler que juste apres la derniere mise a jour, il n y a plus les petites quetes evenement pour gagner or,xp, boosters,vies illimittes vous pouvez y remedie ca serait genial

  • Barry11
    06/08/21 01:50

    Join Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells Club Named: ACCIO GENESIS PHISH

  • Jerry67
    14/05/21 05:19

    Hello, can anyone help me about account. I bought new phone, and installed this game, but game starting from 1 level. How to use my old account of this game on new phone. Thank you.

  • Isabel71
    21/08/21 09:44

    Use your e mail in the option of the game

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 06:21

    I don

  • Sam39
    12/05/21 02:52

    Bonjour. Depuis quelques jours mes vies ne se rechargent plus malgr

  • Isabel71
    21/08/21 09:49

    Peut etre une mise a jour a faire , ou tes vies sont pleine, essaye une fois demander tes vies meme si ta jauge et pleine et une fois tu n a plus de vies .ca a marche pour moi

  • Lisa68
    08/08/21 03:52

    I have not experienced this myself. If you have requested lives and other players have sent you them they dont get added automatically they go into your in box which is the envelope on the main page, tap the envelope and if you have any lives sent to you they will show there just tap refill lives , the most lives you can hold here is 15. I hope this helps

  • Kate54
    01/05/21 10:36

    is it possible to kick the clan leader out if he is inactive for about six months?

  • Arthur43
    23/07/21 02:11

    Yes, it is. I contacted Zynga support and they removed the Club Leader role form the inactive person.

  • Kate54
    01/05/21 10:35

    Does anyone know what the niffler and the golden eggs are good for?

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 06:17

    These are a power up that removes a few gems around them

  • Earl46
    18/04/21 07:20

    Does anyone know what the little crown symbol means that are by some players names in the team lists?

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 06:16

    The little crown indicates that clubs leader

  • Harvey60
    16/04/21 08:49

    Join Mighty Wizards Uk we are strong

  • Iris46
    05/04/21 04:23

    Comment on devient officier

  • Isabel71
    21/08/21 09:52

    Par le chef d equipe ou un autre officier ou fait ta demande a ton club

  • Iris46
    03/04/21 09:39

    How do you become an officer?

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 06:12

    Another officer can also promote other players to become an office.

  • Gordon16
    09/04/21 10:46

    Hi, the leader of the group is the only person that can make a player a officer. Hope this helps

  • Iris46
    06/03/21 05:41

    Comment on devient officier?

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 06:15

    Just remembered something else an officer can do, they can send a message to all club members

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 06:11

    An officer can start the daily club puzzles which MVP players can also do now, they can remove players from a club, they can promote other players to become an officer, they can see the stats of players in their club and also the stats of players in other clubs. Once a player has been made an officer they can not be demoted.

  • Iris46
    13/01/21 09:08

    Bonjour en restant dans les 5 premiers de ton club .

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 06:05

    At the end of the leader boards which finish on a Monday evening (10pm GMT )In the lower zones the top 5 clubs receive a chest to open, each player who opens the chest will receive rewards, ie. free power ups, or extra time, etc When you get in higher zones it

  • Iris46
    17/10/20 11:49

    Bonjour, comment devient-on officier ?

  • Isabel97
    30/07/21 05:53

    You can only become an officer if the club leader or another officer promote you.
    If the leader or other officers are not active you can send a message to support and see if they can help.
    To contact support go to the home page, tap the gear symbol in the bottom left hand side, tap support, then in the top right hand it says contact us, tap there and then type your question.

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