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  • Junko90
    16/04/24 07:01

    How can I convert coins into other items? I have billions with nothing to use them on

  • Miharu19
    13/04/24 01:47

    I’ve topped out at level 15 does the game stop there?

  • Helene58
    14/02/24 09:42

    how do you drop the sight without firing?

  • Isabel40
    05/03/24 10:46

    I’ve seen a couple of people do that but I don’t know hope someone will answer it

  • Franklin37
    12/02/24 10:10

    Do you upgrade each gun as it becomes available or just the best 1 at the time?

  • Richard60
    10/02/24 06:14

    how do I unlock the rifles I am putting points against. Do not want to do upgrades on common rifles that are quadrupled with upgrade points.

  • Wanda79
    06/02/24 02:57

    Why can’t I X out of ads when complete

  • Helene58
    14/02/24 09:44

    i think you have update your ios version to the latest or thats what i found.

  • Wanda79
    05/02/24 11:23

    Why does hunting sniper not let me x out of ads?

  • Teddy79
    04/02/24 05:33

    No bonus videos android phone check network

  • Isabel40
    05/03/24 10:43

    Turn off von and restart game

  • Omar23
    30/01/24 05:13

    I hate killing animals. I am disgusted and, that I am subjected to ads depicting this app.

  • Helene58
    14/02/24 09:46

    there is plenty of games where you can go and shoot people instead?

  • Lili99
    22/01/24 03:09

    I am in Tour 13 but cannot access guns that are supposed to be found in Tour 11. WHY?

  • Hanna93
    03/01/24 10:55

    Is there any advantage to accumulating extra tokens for rifle upgrades for rifles you are not using?. Can those rifles be upgraded multiple times? Can the rifles you are not using be traded for others?

  • Butterfly33
    29/12/23 11:11

    When you have access to rifle that only requires 6 points to upgrade and you have accumulated 36 points, can you continually upgrade that same rifle 6 more times?

  • Leslie23
    24/12/23 04:22

    Can you play a friend who also has the game?

  • Beryl96
    23/12/23 12:41

    What is zoom time on scope ?

  • Jose27
    20/12/23 04:42

    Does anyone like the message function? This should not be allowed until after the game is completly over. Some ppl never stop with the stupid faces and constant messages.

  • Helene58
    14/02/24 09:48

    They are trying to distract you so you loose, some people though just like to say hello and also compliment you on your good shooting.

  • Juan21
    13/12/23 11:46

    The game is a great deal of fun but very frustrating in the sense that it is near impossible to get upgraded weapons regardless of how long you play. Each time I get a chest, there are only one or two cards that go to a gun that isn't already maxed out or lower in power than needed by the levels.

    The new enhancements are nice with multiple animals to choose from. However, getting to a really good rifle is impossible. And where did the good ammo go? It can't be bought any more??

  • Helene58
    14/02/24 09:52

    You need to get every chest and keep a free chest place to get platinum and gold chests so you can release the upgrades on the guns to make them better at killing, you soon run out of gems so you have accelerate the time by watching the ads. If you get every chest you will get the upgrades but be patient.

  • Franklin24
    03/12/23 08:55

    WTH played a guy who had the big bad purple colored gun with APEX ammo, but he had 4 clip ammo and i had 3 clip impossible to win, should not be matched up as such. What a rip off.

  • Virginie28
    03/12/23 08:52

    Where is the APEX ammo, ran out of what i had and now cannot buy any? Other people play with the ammo all the time

  • Mieko10
    28/11/23 03:55

    easiest uninstall ever ... I liked the game until I realized that even after getting to level 14 that my perfect head shot didn't matter as my opponent hit the body 4 times and got a higher score. total bs. Any shot from the neck up should count double as they are harder to land. As an actual hunter I have seen animals run off from shots this game allows.

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