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Connected as Isidore47 (Change)
  • Henri40
    17/10/23 10:41

    What is golden blitz MoGo

  • Felix84
    25/09/23 02:40

    How is it that someone I’m not friends with is able to Bank Heist me? They take 20M each time.

  • Fabian79
    14/10/23 11:32

    you can heist random if you have less friends or it can be bot heist

  • Henri40
    14/10/23 11:34

    random person*

  • Felix91
    21/09/23 03:06

    Looking for trades

  • Gordon16
    20/09/23 04:26

    Why can't we have private discussions with our team members and friends? A blocking any contacts option should stop any troublemakers.

  • Erin46
    07/09/23 06:23

    If anyone knows about the capped dice hack method, where you’re cloning the app and it’s “referring” fake profiles over and over again, I’m having issues now with the game removing my actual friends. No one else I know has this issue. There is no limit on friends so I’m not sure what’s happened and why I have to keep re-adding people

  • Wanda91
    25/08/23 09:19

    it's an unfair game i need ng 2 stickers.and keep putting package and money in it but still nothing there. are mates of mine who already collected 2 times all the stickers

  • Noel29
    09/07/23 10:11

    I have :
    Once upon a time
    Paws up
    A bit ambitious
    leaf it to me
    floppy ears
    Spot on
    Purrfect fit
    Cat like reflexes
    Sugar high

    I need :
    Right at home
    I’m all ears
    Hang in there
    Marine model
    Icy unicorn
    Howly cubs

    Dm me if you have them so we can trade

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