Company: Scopely, Inc.

App Genre: Spel

Ratings: 4.68

Version: 0.10.1

Updated 08/02/23

Downloads: 1568

Monopoly Go! is a spel and bräde game application developed by Scopely, Inc. and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. The app is compatible with iOS 13.0+ and Android 4.4+. It requires 222MB of free space for IPA (iOS) or APK (Android) installation.

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What is Monopoly Go!?

Become rich beyond your wildest dreams in this newly reimagined version of one of the best-selling board games ever created: MONOPOLY! Let everyone’s favorite billionaire, MR. MONOPOLY, be your guide as you explore new boards themed after world-famous cities, fantastical lands, and more.
Experience the classic gameplay MONOPOLY fans love at a faster pace everyone can enjoy. Collect Property Tile Sets, build Houses and Hotels, pull Chance Cards, and of course, earn that MONOPOLY Money! Play with your favorite game Tokens such as the Scottie, the Top Hat, the Battleship and more.

Help your friends reach their goals with the Community Chest mini-game, or steal from them to help yourself get to the top. Collect story-filled Stickers to send to your friends or trade in our Facebook Group!

MONOPOLY GO! Features:

Collect colored Property Tile Sets to build Houses, then upgrade your Houses into Hotels to get even more rent from friends! Discover new Landmarks to build on every board and upgrade them to increase your Net Worth to become the biggest tycoon in the world!

Roll the dice to play the classic MONOPOLY board you know and love. Featuring familiar faces such as MR. MONOPOLY, and familiar spaces such as jail (womp womp!), Railroads, and everyone’s favorite money-maker GO! Pull from a variety of new Chance Cards, win money from the Community Chest themed mini-game, and explore the world with beloved Tokens including the Scottie, the Top Hat, the Battleship, and more.

Get social! Play with friends to take full advantage of new mini-games such as Community Chest – where your friends make you rich! Want to make some mischief? Land on a Railroad tile and let the train take you to two new mini-games: Knock down your friend’s Landmarks in Shut Down or steal money from their bank vault during Bank Heist. Finders keepers!
Gift Stickers to friends and get Stickers from friends in-game to complete your Sticker Collections and get BIG REWARDS!
Play exciting co-operative Events and Tournaments to climb the leaderboards on your way to OWN IT ALL!

Discover a whole new way to play a game enjoyed for generations! Reimagined for mobile, MONOPOLY GO! offers a new twist on a favorite classic. You’ll meet familiar MONOPOLY characters along with new faces and new ways to get rich and own it all! Explore a rich world of beautiful scenery and lively animations designed to bring joy to each play session.

Play Tournaments, Prize Drop, Free Parking House Rules Events, and Cash Grab. With new Events running every hour, there are new ways to play every day!

MONOPOLY GO! is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Internet connection is required to play the game.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive classic elements of the board, cards and the playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment used with permission.

MONOPOLY © 1935, 2021 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

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Discounts on in-app purchases, promo codes, and coupons:

There are no promo codes available for Monopoly Go!. However, you can still upgrade the app's abilities by adding items such as:

  • Offer 1
  • Offer 18 Type 1
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  • Offer 4
  • Offer 43 Type 1

And more via in-app purchases.

Need help? Join our Monopoly Go! forum to ask questions, get help, and discuss the app with other users from around the world. If you would like to cancel your subscription or delete your account, please visit our Monopoly Go! Cancel & Delete page for further instructions.

Download Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go! can also be downloaded from the following language pages:
Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Germany


Download Monopoly Go! for PC (Windows/Mac OS)

To install the Monopoly Go! app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide on using Bluestacks to run APK files on your computer. If you're having trouble downloading Monopoly Go!, please share your issues in our forums. Our friendly community is always happy to help you install or download.

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Featured Reviews

Pay 2 Play

Enjoy the gameplay, but you will never get anywhere or any of the big rewards unless you pay the ridiculous amounts of money to get more rolls. Guess there are ppl who are willing to pay it.

The best

I’m literally hooked after only 45 min of playing and reaching level 45 I’m now at 72 and counting cnt seem to put my phone down

Great game, but can you get more tokens?

I’ve been wondering why you can never change it OK Call Quinn Mazda cost


Great game to kill time

It’s addicting

This is one of those games that pulls you into paying for things because it’s so addicting. But they also have ways for you to get free stuff by trading “cards”. So that’s pretty cool.

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