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Monopoly Go! app recently received 40 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 1 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Monopoly Go! app an average rating of 4.72 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 175.8K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Scopely. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Monopoly Go!?

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Rated 4.48 out of 5

175.8K global ratings

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40 Positive User Reviews for Monopoly Go!


Very cool game.

Monopoly Go

Fun game to play. Try it out.


This is actually a pretty fun game to play. It's pretty easy to and you get a lot of money.

Great game but…

There’s not enough features. more mini games would be cool instead of the luck based ones we have now. Also a new way to spend money because the only way we have right now is upgrading landmarks. an in game shop would be cool to spend your money because sometimes it’s super hard to get a card you’ve been waiting for. Overall great game add more features.


I LOVE this game it’s sooooooo fun and i love destroying my friends :)


Only getting dice hourly and only being able to have 100 before you max out is crazy. And the partner challenges points keep getting higher to the point you can barely finish


Hi, This is my five star review. My mom originally had this game and I would play it almost every night,so when I got it I kinda already knew what to do. Monopoly Go is my number one game👑This game is fun for almost all ages also i am very sure is has NO ADDS! Well thank you for reading, Bye.

Honest review

Hi! I love this game. However I have a few things that make it very difficult to continue playing. It is extremely difficult to get dice and new cards. I have played religiously every single day for about 8 months and I still have cards left to fill. This does not make sense. There needs to be more ways of getting dice and cards. Less chance and more skill would make it easier. Also it’s too difficult to win challenges because it’s almost impossible to collect the needed items to continue in the


Amazing game to keep you distracted!

Add this feature?

I have 0 problems with this game it’s fun entertaining and overall a good game ,and I have a lot of dice so much I don’t know what to do with them so what if you guys added a feature where you could give dice to you’re friends. It would be a nice feature!.

Trading Gold Stickers

I don’t think it’s right that we can’t trade gold cards whenever we want.

More dice please

More dice please free

The GameCA great pass time

The game is modernized but familureand faster

Monopoly (Same but Different)

I literally started playing earlier today and don’t want to stop, quite different than the board game but the core elements are still present. I’m enjoying it feverishly 🥸

El mejor juego del mundo !

Me encanta este juego , es divertido y dinámico

Monopoly go

I love this game it’s addictive but it’s also very fun

So Much Fun & One Suggestion

Lots of fun! Enjoyable. Super cute. I’m not much of a gamer but this Monopoly game has me playing every single day. ***My Only Suggestion to the developer is to Please provide or incorporate MORE DICE ROLLS which would Dramatically improve the enjoyment experience of the game and keep many others such as myself coming back for more. Please consider!*** Otherwise, my favorite game!


I love this game. Only thing I would appreciate it getting a lot more dice from everything as you get to level 200 and higher. The amount of dice you get isn’t enough to do anything on the game. Keeps you stuck in a position for awhile. Also being able to get better cards from the packs would be great. There isn’t many who believe in fair trading so being able to complete the sets take longer. Not asking for the game to be given us but make is easier to obtain more turns to keep playing.

Love it

Great game to pass time by

Billionaires status

Relaxing and stress free

Controller support

Would be better if it had controller support


One this that can be more useful is letting us trade more then 5 times a day that should be up more so we can share our stickers with our friends.


Haven’t spent money yet but it’s fun being free

Game crashing sticker exchange

Game is crashing after you try to do a sticker exchange with a friend

Actually entertaining aside from 7 pop ups every time you load up the game

I enjoy playing actually but every time you open the game they throw deals in your face and it made me stop playing. I want ease of access with a phone game, not ads shoved in my face that I have to hit the top right corner of my phone to close everytime

Okay but

The mini game where you drop tokens went away and my tokens vanished hopefully they will be there when they bring the mini game back because I had over 100 tokens

Relaxing game for me to do when I’m waiting for my daughter to get home from school

I love playing this game. I normally on the second level but already I can tell I’m gonna play this for forever.

Action needed

You should be able to track and see who you are trading with. I’m tired of getting scammed by these immature dishonest people!!


I enjoy the game a lot however, the amount of dice you get in the amount of time makes me not want to play it. It takes forever to get eight dice or 10 dice. Definitely need to get more dice more often. People are not wanting to pay to get extra dice.

Pay 2 Play

Enjoy the gameplay, but you will never get anywhere or any of the big rewards unless you pay the ridiculous amounts of money to get more rolls. Guess there are ppl who are willing to pay it.

The best

I’m literally hooked after only 45 min of playing and reaching level 45 I’m now at 72 and counting cnt seem to put my phone down

Great game, but can you get more tokens?

I’ve been wondering why you can never change it OK Call Quinn Mazda cost


Great game to kill time

It’s addicting

This is one of those games that pulls you into paying for things because it’s so addicting. But they also have ways for you to get free stuff by trading “cards”. So that’s pretty cool.

Could be better

Could be better with faster free dice 10 to 15 mins for 5 dice not 1 hour for 5 dice! Waiting so long and not getting any rewards for long wait times is making the game not fun or enjoyable.

Me encanta

Es el mejor juego lo amo

Not very playable

This game is super fun and actually really enjoyable except for one thing.. you run out of rolls super fast and have to wait an hour for 5 moves. But even when you have over 100 moves, you get about 10 minutes of playtime if you are lucky.

I love this game but…

Waiting an hour for 5 rolls is kind of played out. I enjoy the game but I do not want to spend $10 of my money just to roll because you only provide 5. So many options to add people too open the chest but not for rolls. Kind of stupid.


I wish there was a way, if you wanted to, to talk with the people that you add on this game.

1 Negative User Reviews for Monopoly Go!

The game is annoying:/

They give me too many things when I get into the game they like making me try to buy stuff and clicking buttons they just want money I’d rather play other games and the real version is better

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