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NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 3 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku app an average rating of 4.86 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 178.9K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by The New York Times Company. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku?

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Rated 4.20 out of 5

178.9K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku

Puzzle review

Two of my favorite puzzles are not included digitally. They are the acrostic and the diagramless. I buy the Sunday paper just to do them. The diagramless has almost disappeared from there, too. I used to do that one on graph paper before the paper eventually provided a grid. N Hagin

Fun daily puzzles

I have been subscribed to this app for a few years. In addition to the daily New York Times crossword, there are several different types of daily puzzles. The interface works well. On rare occasions,the app version of the crossword isn't rendered exactly like the print version but this is noted as well as how to correctly understand the changes.

Love the games. Need dark mode.

Hi NYT! Please add dark mode capability. I am playing while my baby sleeps!


NYT games is my favorite app and I enjoy it everyday. fun and challenging games.

Consistently very good quality games

Always good for waiting before, resting after, or just clearing my mind. Thanks!

Until this last update it was nearly flawless

I e been using the NYT games app for years. It’s been reliable always until this latest update. I get freezing , spinning , erroring out. Very disappointed. The promise is keep it running smoothly. Well this update I don’t know corrupted I guess somehow. I’m extremely disappointed. Will try deleting and reinstalling.

Losing Wordle streaks

Love the app and the refresh. But in the past few months, both the old version and the new one have spontaneously wiped out Wordle streaks at about the 40 game mark. I just open the game one day and get the “6 guesses of a 5 letter word” and the how to play screen instead of Welcome Back, add to your streak.


Is Strands going to become available. Loved it during the testing period on NYT puzzles within regular site.

One of my daily apps

I’m in love with the NYT crossword puzzles! The other games are great also but the crosswords keep me coming back for more. The “cheating” help tools are great…ahh..but the joy of completion! It’s fun to go back into the archives too. I highly recommend this app as a relaxing, addictive game.

My Daily (Healthy) Addiction

An app that uniquely and flawlessly satisfies my puzzling addiction.

Love, but…

I wish it was easier to navigate - bouncing between Up and Across.

Overall, I love these puzzles, but.

How come the game strand and vertex aren’t included with the subscription? This would be great if those two games were added overall I’m having fun doing these daily puzzles. Thank you.

Good puzzles but

I wish I could get them while I have a connection and then work them offline. Why does NYT force me to be online to get each separate puzzle ? Also, need harder sudoku.

Get rid of the custom keyboard

PLEASE get rid of the custom keyboard. it’s extremely awkward and causes me to fat-finger stuff all the time because i’m used to the stock ios keyboard

Excellent app

I love how intuitive this app is! I prefer it to printed crosswords. Both the iPhone and iPad versions are a joy to use.

Great, but

I enjoy the crosswords and bought the yearlong subscription after the free week. But ever since I bought the full version, I get a message saying that the new puzzles aren’t loading and to “try again.” I have to go into the archives to get the latest puzzles. It’s an extra step.


When I first saw a NYT crossword app, I thought “no way! How could I give up the paper version??”. But turns out to be just great, even on sundays!

Can I get night mode throughout the app?

Would love to have night mode available throughout the app

Needs Dark Mode

The app is pretty good, but they really should have dark mode for the whole app instead of just when you open a puzzle.

Close but no cigar

When you finish a puzzle and are told you are close, there is no indication as to where the fault might be. You have to basically start over. A ‘where’ hint would be nice

Need landscape view for Wordle

I love this app, but my one complaint is that all of the games work in both landscape and portrait view except Wordle. Wordle only works in portrait, so I am having to rotate my iPad to play it. Could you fix that in the next update, please? Update—FIXED! Thank you!!!

My opinion

The only good thing about the New York Times.

Latest Update

The latest update keeps crashing while solving the crossword puzzle. Please fix ASAP!

Could you move the direction button a little?

For crosswords, the button above the keyboard that changes direction and goes back and forth is sooooo easy to hit by mistake. There’s lots of padding above it, a couple of pixels further up would really help. Otherwise perfect. Thanks for the great work :)

New reviews aren’t loading. TRY AGAIN

Can you guys please fix this issue? I pay monthly for this app and it only loads maybe 40% of the time. Restarting the app does not help.


Please update the app so that Wordle can be played when iPad is used in landscape. The older url that can still be used works in landscape , but a big ad is now added to the top of that screen. As a subscriber I don’t want ads.

Crosswords AND Wordle = Perfect!

I have subscribed to the NYT Crosswords for quite some time, and was very happy to hear about their recent acquisition of Wordle, which is my favorite daily game to play. I was hopeful they would soon add Wordle to he NYT Crossword app, and that day is finally here! Now I can finally play Wordle in the app, rather than play it daily on the website! Thanks so much for this great addition!!

Mostly Great!

The crossword and bee are mostly fantastically implemented. Only complaints: 1) crossword archive sometimes loses history until you click through to a puzzle which was shown as unsolved but suddenly fills in, and 2) the world is unplayable on my iPad with magic keyboard as it only presents in portrait mode. Wordle works fine in landscape via the web. What gives? 😄

Crowded design

I love the puzzles obviously. It’s mildly infuriating to accidentally press the blue “switch direction” area when I’m just trying to enter letters on the top row of letters in the keyboard. It would be so easy to just move that thing up a wee bit on the screen so this doesn’t happen.

Not all games showing

Update: 2022-09-06 Wordle is now in the app, but the developer forgot to create a landscape mode for Wordle. On the iPad, this app can be used in landscape mode except for Wordle.

Good, but needs some work and Wordle is sideways!

Please allow us to use Wordle with our iPads in the normal landscape position (on a stand or keyboard). I don’t hold my iPad like a phone. Lately, when I do a puzzle from the archives, the stats update the average, which is good, but then a few seconds later, the average goes up by 1 second! What’s up wit dat? Sometimes when I go into a puzzle, the grid fills the screen and I can’t do the puzzle. I have to exit the puzzle and come back in.

Spelling Bee Font

Having (new) trouble being able to easily play spelling bee because the font has shrunk. Words already guessed have become more difficult to see for those of us with imperfect vision. This is after increasing font size in Accessibility settings. Can you fix this, please?

I Love the NYT Crossword

I look forward to each new puzzle - I also like wordle and spelling bee! The archive of crosswords is vast...i will likely never be able to finish them all.

Spelling Bee doesn’t save my scores

I recently upgraded to the paid access to crosswords and the spelling bee app. For some reason, my answers are being cleared each day so I can’t see which words I missed on the answer key, nor does it save my stats for aggregate games. I can’t seem to find any place on the Help site that can help (I don’t want to email the news desk!). I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall to no avail.

iPhone/iPad Inconsistency

“Delete” on one platform is “next word” on the other, and vice versa. It’s a constant annoyance when switching between the two. Otherwise, it’s fine.

Fun Puzzles, Glitchy App

I love the puzzles but trying to add friends is like pulling teeth. Every time I want to add someone new I get error messages and I have to delete and reinstall the app. It happens every single time I add someone without fail and theres a 50% chance they just wont ever get added no matter what.

Love the app…

Please separate the keyboard and the clue bar so that you don’t change directions anytime you mis-tap a letter in the top line of the keyboard.

Nice app

Better than the news app. I like this one a lot

Don’t advertise to me in an app I pay for

Big fan of the games I. The app but the recent inclusion of advertisements to get other people to signup for the service is very annoying

Limited compared to android app

The iOS app only allows you to access crosswords and spelling bee. The Android app is far better letting you play all the NYT games. Please fix this!

Great program for crossword puzzle enthusiast!!!

I have enjoyed solving and trying to solve NY Times puzzles online for years! I thoroughly love the program and how accessible it is. I would improve nothing and leave the program exactly as it is in the future! ** Caveat as on August 2, 2022: I recently did a crossword from 1994. It included symbols that I cannot access on Crossword. I can access the normal ones like @, #, $, &, etc. However the puzzle called for the cent symbol several times. I just realized it’s not included on my iPad key

A Good Workout for the Brain

I still love pencil and paper, but I must admit that I do the crossword a lot more frequently on this app on my phone- it’s just so convenient. I love that it gets a little harder each day. It’s a good workout for the brain!

3 Negative User Reviews for NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku

stop changing things to make more money ):

love these games so so much but absolutely cannot justify buying the subscription version, $25 a month is INSANE, and now they’ve just completely taken away spelling bee from the free version + made it so you can no longer view your answer to letterboxd after you’ve played? so unnecessary

Free version is so limited

The subscription price is too high to play a few games so you get to do one of each puzzle a day. If you play spelling bee, it stops after you do well and won’t let you enter more unless you subscribe. If you open tiles and then close it to do something else it says you are done for the day without paying. Just feels predatory.


I play Connections from time to time. It will mark me wrong for correct combinations. I use all my chances and see the correct answers, only to see the answers that I put in there! I guess this doesn’t want you to win too much. The crossword is fun so that’s why I’m giving 2 stars instead of 1.

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